why going to community college first is best.

I went to one so I know .. okay?

1. NO student LOANS! 

I went to community/state college for 2 years and got my AA in Early Childhood Education and did not have to take out a loan once. I was actually getting money BACK. so basically I got paid to go to college.

2.  SAME classes as a UNIVERSITY. 

All the classes I took at my community college (Palm beach state college)  transferred over to my (Florida International University) university. There were NO classes I had to take over.

3. Smaller class sizes. 

I am an introvert so being around big crowds or a lot of people is not my thing.

4. Community/state college prepares you for an university. 

so many people come back home after a year or even a semester of university because they are homesick and they are overwhelmed with everything that comes with going to a four-year university. So, a two-year community/state college gives you the experience and knowledge of college w/ out the major changes.

ex. you can stay at home instead of moving to a dorm.

ex. you have the luxury to work with community college without being a broke college student at a university.

There are more reasons but these are the important four. If you planning on going to community/state college and need advice or help you can always email me, ronkerriaspost@gmail.com