classic films i am collecting.

Some people collect comic books or dolls. But, I collect classic films. check out the ones I collected so far below!

The first one up is my favorite movie of all time. This film is what started the collection. I just had to have a hard copy of this film because i love it that much.



Second, is a film that really made me continue the collection. I just got the film last week and it’s a movie that is such a huge part of my childhood.



Third, these films are not my favorite but they are complete classics. Especially to the black family.



Lastly, a very underrated classic.



that’s it for now.

sidenote: I honestly do no go out looking for these films and I know I could have more (from the internet), but if I’m in a store and I see them and they are reasonable prices I buy them. Also, all of these films were 3-5 dollars at WalMart.

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