My college roommate DRAMA. pt1

I went back and forth on whether I should talk about this or not. Because I don’t know if I want such negativity on my blog. But this is something many of us will go through when entering college. So, I decided to share my college roommate experience. Before I start, I’ll be giving my roommate names because I don’t want to give out their real names so,


Roommate A name will be Andy (27 years old)

Roommate B: Coolie (21 years old)

Roommate C: Holly (22 years old)

My friend: Eden (22 years old)

RA: Maya (19 or 20 years old, I forgot)


I’ll start with the very first day. I was the first one to make it to the dorm. Andy had stayed during summer and had already moved in all her stuff, but she went home for the weekend, so she wasn’t there. So, I get to the dorm move all my stuff in. The dorm is four bedrooms, a common area, and a kitchen. The dorm is really nice. So, I finished putting all my stuff in my dorm that night and that’s when my second roommate comes in Coolie. She introduced herself and that was it. But the next day the roommate on my side Holly comes in. See the way the dorm is set up its two rooms on one side, the common area in the middle, and the other two rooms on the other side. So, when Holly comes in which is on a Sunday. She comes in she introduced herself and she asks me is all the stuff in the kitchen area is mine and I tell her no. Everything was Andy’s. (at the time none of my stuff was in the kitchen except some food in the fridge)

A little backstory: when I moved in the kitchen area was decked out with supplies and spices it felt like somebody had been living there for a while. But everything was Andy’s.

After I tell Holly none of the stuff is mine, she proceeds to show me all the stuff Andy’s brought with her on her side. Mind you, this is not our side at all so Holly has no business on Coolie and Andy’s side. At this point, she was being nosy. So, she showed me everything Andy had brought, and it looked like Andy had brought her whole entire life with her.

So now it’s all three of us in the dorm waiting for Andy to Arrive. (Me and Holly are on one side) and (Andy and coolie were on the other side). But some time has pass and our RA comes by and we all go out to the lounge area because she has this meet and greet thing set up. So, we all get into a group of Twos. Me and coolie are grouped up and Holly is grouped with another resident because by this time Andy still hasn’t come yet. In our groups, we are asking each other questions and basically just getting to know each other.

While still in the lounge our RA tells us it’s like a welcome party that will be happening downstairs in a few (I usually don’t go to these types of things), but Holly wanted to go, and she didn’t want to go by herself, so I went with her. So, I invite my close friend Eden who goes to the same university to come hang out with us because even though Holly is my roommate, I still don’t know her like that. So, my friend comes, and we all get acquainted and it turns out Eden and Andy are really good friends.

Backstory: Eden has been at FIU an ever since she graduated high school in 2015. And so, has Andy. So, Eden and Andy have been friends for that long. So even though I haven’t met Andy, yet I felt like she was going to be cool because she was already friends with Eden who Is my friend for more than a decade.

So, we’re downstairs at the welcome party and Andy calls us on the phone because she just came back, and she needs to get into the room. (We started a WhatsApp chat over the summer with all four of us, so we had each other numbers).

So, Holly volunteers to go unlock the door for Andy. When she comes back Andy is with her and this is when I finally meet Andy …


To be continued 

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