My Thoughts on She’s Gotta Have It s2

She’s Gotta Have It is a Tv show created by Spike Lee who is one of the very few well known black directors, producers, storytellers, and actors. Lee created the tv show from his film She’s Gotta Have It (1986) in which The main Character Nola Darling  (Tracy Camilla Johns) is dating three men at the same time because to her they all equal up to the perfect man. One of the men is Jamie Overstreet (Tommy Redmond Hicks) who is married. Greer Childs (John Canada Terrell) “The Pretty Boy.” Last, Mars Blackmon (Spike Lee) the young and funny one.

Jamie Overstreet

Greer Childs


She’s Gotta Have It season two picks off 18 months later. At the end of season one, Nola Darling has picked the person she wanted to be with. Surprisingly, Nola (DeWanda Wise) picked none of the men and ended up getting back with her female ex, Opal Gilstrap.


Nola is a Brooklyn based artist so most of the show is dealing with Nola trying to get her work out while staying true to herself.

In season two, Nola has chosen to be with her ex Opal but her three Exes are still around and still in her life. I thought this was weird because it’s not really realistic Nola and Opal have been together for 18 months now! How is it possible for her exes to still be around? I understand Mars (played by Anthony Ramos) still being around because as we find out he is actually the son of Mookie (From Do The Right Thing) which made me really happy. Mars is one of the men Nola were dating before she got back with Opal.

Mars Blackmon

Mars and Nola are Endgame.

Overall, the tv show has so many layers to it that it’ll take me forever to review every little thing in the show. So, I’ll be wrapping it up. There are many things I love about the TV show. I love how diverse the cast is. I love the soundtrack. Stevie Wonder Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer is a gem. I love the whole vibe of the show. I love how it’s so Brooklyn! I have never been but I feel like it would feel like this show if that makes sense.

I do recommend the show because its for the culture. The show main character is black which is rare to see. The show is not a representation of black people. But, this show is giving black actors coins and much-needed exposure. This is something Spike Lee has been doing since he started in this business which in my eyes make him an iconic filmmaker. I’m going to recommend any and everything Spike Lee for that reason alone.

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