College Tag.

Hey y’all, I’m going to be doing a college tag about my college experience/life. These questions will help y’all get to know me better! So, enjoy!

*These questions come from youtube college tags and Tumblr*

The College Tag Questions:

  1.  Where do you go to college? Florida International University in Miami, Fl.
  2.  What were your top choices for college when applying? I went to a community college in my hometown for my first two years. (highly recommend, save some coins, save on loans, and you’re basically taking the same classes but for cheaper). So I’ll say my top choices for when I was a senior in high school. My top choice was Nova Southeastern university but the way my GPA was set up that was not gone happen lol. 
  3. If you could only bring 3 things to college what would they be? This question is trash. But, my mac, clothes, and mouth wash. 
  4. What is your major? Liberal Studies: Law, Business, and society. 
  5. Do you have a college resolution? to graduate. 
  6. Do you like your roommate? I had three roommates only liked one. Stay updated for my blog post about my roommate drama. coming soon. 
  7. What was your worst memory of college? Being at a tailgate and getting hit in the face with alcohol.
  8. What was your best memory of college? hopefully graduation. 
  9. Do you have a minor? my minor is History. I am also getting my women studies certificate. 
  10. Do you live on campus, live off campus, or commute? on campus. 
  11. What semester are you in now and how is it going? Summer Semester. Classes haven’t started yet but hopefully, everything goes good. 
  12. Are you failing any classes? Nah, only Deans list over here. 
  13. What do you not like about college? I don’t like how expensive it is. 
  14. Any advice for high school seniors? Do not procrastinate!!!! If anything try to do your work before its deadline. 
  15. What year are you in? I’m in my senior year planning to graduate in fall’19.





If y’all have any questions for me about my college experience or Florida International University leave them in the comments!