The Sims 4: Mods & Custom Content

THE SIMS 4 IS FREE. I have been playing Sims for years but I just recently discovered Mods and Custom content. and I am so glad I did. Mods and custom content makes the game so much better and realistic. Once I discovered mods and custom content I played the sims for hours!

So in this blog, I’ll be letting you guys what mods I use and where I get most of my custom content. I will also upload pictures of some of the sims I make because I make bomb sims. I will also give my origin so you can download the sims because I add them all to my gallery.

Warning: Mods and Custom content can cause viruses on your PC so download at your own risk.Β 

The website I download my custom content from are SIMSDOM and simsresource. The content is extremely easy to download. There are plethora of videos on youtube that shows you how to download them.

I also download all my Mods from youtube channels. Many sims YouTubers have videos where they are reviewing the mods and some have the links to the mods too.

Now, let me show you pictures of some of my gameplay which includes mods and custom content.

First Mod I am showing is the Basement Drug mod that allows your sims to drink, pop pills, and smoke.

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.21.36 PM


Second Mod Is the ultrasound Mod that allows your sims to find go to the gynecologist and find out the sex of the baby. Also, you get a little picture of an ultrasound for more realism.


Once your sims come back from her appointment you get a notification like the one above. And when you slide the cursor over the ultrasound that you find in your sims inventory you can find out the sex of the baby.

I forget if these are the same mod or not. But your sims is also allowed to terminate her pregnancy until the third trimester, I think.

I have a couple of more Mods but I’ll stop here. This should be enough lol.


Here are some of the bomb sims I make though.

Β “Ana Thomas”

“Neomi Datta”

I had to take advantage of somebody making Nicki Minaj Tour outfit lol.

“Abby Jeffers”


“Camilla Fry”

“Gabrielle Jeffers”

“Laurie Simmions”

“Piper Robbins”

Lastly, Shoutout to all the custom content and mod makers. Yall make sims more fun to play!

7 thoughts on “The Sims 4: Mods & Custom Content

  1. Lmao, before I even downloaded the Sims 4, I downloaded over 5GB of CC. Now I have close to 20GB. It really enhances the game, especially the gameplay mods. Have you discovered KawaiiStacie’s gameplay mods (slice of life is my must have) yet? If you haven’t, you can find them here:

    Her mods are one of many that I refuse to play the Sims 4 without.

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  2. I love mods on Sims 4! The ultrasound one is one of my favourites. Another mod I like is a takeaway mod where you can order different meals instead of just pizza. I think I might do a post myself soon on the mods I enjoy to play. πŸ™‚

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