NBA Finals 2019

This year NBA finals will include the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. I am not particularly excited about this year’s finals because I know how it’s going to end. Also, I am a huge Lebron fan so I kinda hate the Warriors. When I say “Kinda” I mean a whole lot lol.

My expectations for this finals is low. I think the Golden State Warriors do what they always do which is, win. I think the series will be over in 5. Maybe Steph Curry gets Finals MVP this time.

But, I do think the series will be interesting. I also, think if any team has the power to take down the Golden State Warriors its the Toronto Raptors. It’s just hard for me to see any team beating the Warriors four times.

In my wildest dreams, I am low key very low key hoping the Raptors can pull off the upset. I, of course, want Kevin Durant and Boogie Cousin back and healthy so when or if the Raptors win it won’t be because “the warriors were not healthy” or “they did not have KD”.

I want the series to go to Seven with the Raptors winning in 7. We can all dream, right? my sentiment is if somebody besides LeBron is going to win the NBA finals I want it to be the other team that is not the Warriors.

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Who do yall think is winning the NBA Finals? Let me know in the comments!