5 Facts About Me.

With me rebranding my blog and blogging more about myself and not just film. I decided to introduce you guys to me with 10 facts about myself. There will still be blog posts about film but also about my life, reviews, and tips.


#1. I am a HUGE fan of film.    

giphy (35)


#2 I’m a college student. Two more semesters and I’m finished.



#3 I am 22 years old. Soon to be 23 July 30th. Which makes me a Leo.




#4 I’m from Belle Glade, Fl.



#5 I’m a huge NBA fan. My favorite player of all time is Lebron James. I will not tolerate any LeBron slander.


12 thoughts on “5 Facts About Me.

  1. Hey girl! So glad you shared some facts about yourself, that’s always my favorite! Happy Early Birthday! I’m also from Florida, but I’m from Altamonte Springs, I live in Atlanta now. I’m a huge LBJ fan! I literally tweeted about him this morning! I wish he was my dad. Such a fun, caring, and overall great human. Thanks for sharing your facts! I look forward to reading more posts from you!

    – Jackie

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  2. It’s always fun to ‘get to know’ the blogger a bit!
    You’re on the home stretch with college now – so close!

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