Juanita Review (2019)

Summary of the movie: Fed up with her life, a woman leaves her grown kids behind and hits the road in search of a fresh start.


First, this film is not great it’s okay’ and I will say it is decent enough to watch. This is one of Netflix new original movies.

Moreover, I think this film feeds the negative stereotypes of black people. Both of her kid’s father is not in the kid’s lives or the picture. Both of her sons have gone to jail. Her daughter is seen as a ho and a single mother who leaves the kids with the grandmother to go out to party.

I do love the third person commentary though. Alfre Woodard is a powerhouse so she’s the main reason I watched and I have a grandma named Juanita too hahaha. And as the majority of the cast is black I had to give it a watch because…


But, seriously I love how the cast is diverse. you get to see different cultures from African American to Indian.

I would say the film is funny, heartwarming, and an all-around feel-good kind of film.

All in all, I do recommend the film even though I feel the organization and the transition of the film is off. Also, I could not really pinpoint the theme of the film. In short, the film is filled with humor and rawness. The ending could have been better though.

Rating: star-rating-3.jpg


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  1. I appreciate the summary and notice the same things you do in movies, shows and postings on social media. I dislike the same storyline that has been fed about black people in media for so long and I appreciate your willingness to call it out

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