Just finished binge watching YOU last night and I am at work bored so I decided to give my review on the now popular tv series. I decided to watch this show after all the hype I seen on twitter. THE HYPE IS WORTH IT! this has to be one of Netflix best tv series out now. the storyline, the plot, the climax, everything is almost perfect. for everyone who has seen gossip girl, I found myself calling Penn Badgley who plays Joe, Dan the first episode. let me just say joe, Dan, or Penn played this role perfectly. his acting was magnificent, to say the least. every episode was interesting. there was no “bad” episode. I highly recommend watching this show!

The list below is my top five favorite biographies of all time because these actors BODIED these roles. I mean, the acting was magnificent in every aspect. If somebody were to make a movie of my life I would want someone to act the same way these actors in these movies below did. All the actors in these films deserve ALL the awards for their acting!! Enjoy! * I highly recommend all of these movies*