Perfect Halloween Movies

Staying in for Halloween? or just need something to watch that’s scary? Check out the list and trailers below. These are my personal favorites & if you have any recommendations leave them in the comments! Also, do not forget to grab your popcorn!

  1. The Conjuring 2

The first one is scary but not as scary as this one. I would recommend watching the first one before watching this one. The is probably the second scariest movie I have ever seen! ITS A MUST WATCH!!

2. Insidious 2 

I guess I have a thing with like the second movie better than the first. But, THIS IS THE MOST SCARIEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! *watch the first one first to get some of the back story*

3. Scream 

This is a classic everyone should have seen before or need to see!

4. Halloween

Another CLASSIC! there area so many of these movies I personally think the original is the best. There is also a new one that just came out last week.

5. IT

Another CLASSIC! There is a new IT movie that just came out last year I still haven’t seen it but I’m pretty sure its not better than the original. *warning this movie is three hours long* 

6. The others

I have not watched this movie in years but I remember being scared by it!

7. Shaun of The Dead

As much as this is a thriller its also a light comedy movie too. Not so much of a horror movie but it definitely has it moments.

8. The Hills Have Eyes

This movie I did not see on any list of horror movies but its really good and I enjoyed it! *its a horror movie to me and I was scared by it* 

9. Bride Of Chucky 

Another CLASSIC!

10. Candyman 

I am 22 years old and I’m still scared of this movie til this day.

11. Freddy Vs Jason

Probably one of my favorite horror movies.

12. Haunting In Connecticut 2 

Definitely one of the most scariest movies I have ever seen!

13. Children Of The Corn

All I have to say is just watch.

14. The Wrong Turn

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