These movies are my absolute favorite movies. I can watch these movies all day everyday if I had too!


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If I had to watch only this movie for the rest of my life I would be fine! This is one of the best comedy movies ever. Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy together is GENIUS!!!!! And the addition of the comedy legend Bernie Mac is perfect. This movie is perfect for those who love to laugh and comedy like I do.

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Training Day

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This movie is definitely in my top two favorite movies ever. Denzel in this movie is for one,  a whole meal and a snack, second Denzel is a complete savage in this movie, lastly, this is probably Denzel best movie. Denzel acting in this movie is LEGENDARY!

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This is probably at least almost everyone favorite movie.  The story of titanic is very interesting and emotional. This was the first movie I seen of both Leonardo and Kate. After, this movie I have seen almost everything Kate and Leo has been in. This is definitely a romantic movie I think everyone should see!

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Queen Of The Damned

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Honestly, this movie is really not that good but for some reason I love it! This movie is also Aaliyah last movie she made before she died. This movie was also the start of my mini obsession with vampire movies.

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Image result for NorbitEddie Murphy is a legend for this movie alone. There’s not enough of words to explain how good this movie is. Just watch it. Bye.

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