Coco Review (2017)

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Yesterday, while trying to find something to watch to go with my noodles I stumbled upon “Coco”. This movie is typically for ages 5 to 7 year old’s but, I am 22 & I watched and loved it! This movie is about a young boy named Miguel who crosses into the afterlife to get the blessing of his popular musician Great-Great-Great grandfather so he can become a musician. Miguel Family has banned even the thought of music because Miguel grandfather left his family to become a musician. I think this movie is a perfect family movie! The animations and the visuals are so amazing and so real life like. This movie will definitely have you emotional! I found myself teary-eyed during most of the movie. Also, I think the storyline of the movie may be a little too advanced for some age group of kids, mostly toddlers. I do not know for a fact if the tradition in the movie is practiced but I did find it to be unique and sweet! Moral of the story, REMEMBER YOUR DEAD FAMILY MEMBERS TOO!