my college dorm tour (FIU)

So, I just moved into my dorm at Florida International University this Saturday. Heres A tour of it. This is my last semester so I decided to keep things simple. For all of those who are planning to attend Florida International University, the name of this dorm is PARKVIEW WEST. Parkview Hall is a community [...]


5 Tips On How To Choose The Right College Courses

Hey, here are 5 tips to help you when choosing college courses that are right for you. Read 'rate my professor' reviews. This was something I discovered late in my college career and wish I would've started earlier. This is such a huge helper when deciding what classes to take and what professors to take [...]

me playing bitLife.

BitLife: Life Simulator or simply called BitLife is a text-based video game released in 2018 by CandyWriter LLC. The objective of the game is to live a digital life without struggles and difficulties, depicted with cartoons and humorous scenarios. via Wikipedia I just discovered this game last week. And I like how it's "kinda" realistic. [...]

my sims 4 cc finds.

my sims 4 cc finds.

cc list: Hair: Clothes, accessories, &, etc: (easier to find all you want) (find all clothes, accessories, and etc on this website) Makeup & Skin: [...]